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The objective was to develop Polyphysica, a three-dimensional physical modeling system utilizing the discrete element method (DEM) to simulate large ensembles of particles and their interactions with natural and engineered objects for performance prediction.

Key Features
1. Integrated Modeling Environment:​
  • Polyphysica offers an integrated modeling environment with a user-friendly graphical interface (GUI) for streamlined interaction and scenario development.

2. Efficient Parallel Kernel:
  • Utilizes a parallel kernel with efficient algorithms for rapid DEM computations on various computing systems, including laptops, desktops, and high-performance computing clusters.
3. Lua Scripting Language:
  • Supports Lua scripting language for creating custom functions to control objects, initialize parameters, and monitor behavior, enhancing flexibility and customization.
4. CAD File Import:
  • Facilitates the import of CAD STL and PLY files to describe particle shapes and engineered objects, enabling seamless integration with existing design data.
5. Realistic Grain Shapes:
  • Offers realistic grain shapes using polyhedral particles, ensuring computational efficiency regardless of grain complexity.
6. Comprehensive Physics Simulation:
  • Incorporates accurate mechanical, material, and physical properties for particles, along with friction, adhesion/cohesion, elasticity, viscoelasticity, gravity, and local drag forces for realistic simulations.

7. Scalability:
  • Capable of simulating scenarios with over a million particles efficiently, with support for a distribution of particle sizes and dynamic particle generation.


The successful development of Polyphysica demonstrates our expertise in creating advanced physical modeling systems. The software provides users with a powerful toolset for simulating complex particle interactions and predicting performance accurately. With its intuitive interface and robust feature set, Polyphysica empowers researchers and engineers to tackle challenging simulation tasks effectively.


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